Big Data

Data Architecture & ETL

Data architecture is the method of design and construction of an integrated data resource that is business driven, based on real-world subjects as perceived by the organization, and implemented into appropriate operating environments. We have a strong foundation of successfully delivering projects of all different sizes covering the entire lifecycle of a Hadoop project. Essential to realizing the target state, Data Architecture describes how data is processed, stored, and utilized in an information system. It provides criteria for data processing operations so as to make it possible to design data flows and also control the flow of data in the system. It consists of components that provide a consistent foundation across organizational boundaries to provide easily identifiable, readily available, high-quality data to support the current and future business information demand. It contains all of the activities, and the products of those activities, related to the identification, naming, definition, structuring, integrity, accuracy, effectiveness, and documentation of the data resource. The first part of an ETL process involves extracting the data from the source systems. In many cases this is the most challenging aspect of ETL, since extracting data correctly sets the stage for how subsequent processes go further. The transform stage applies a series of rules or functions to the extracted data from the source to derive the Data for loading into the end target. Some data sources require verylittle or even no manipulation of data. In other cases, one or more of the following transformation types may be required to meet the business and technical needs of the target database.

Data Warehouse Migration Services

The Data Warehouse migration helps you migrate, re-engineer & optimize your DW based upon key business priorities. Our Satin Solutions professionals are experts in delivering services by working closely within the Business units to identify the key areas where your DW could benefit from both reduction in cost and an increase in functionality.

Enterprise Data Management Services

Facing the major challenge of growing problem of unreliable data leads to Enterprise Data Management (EDM) it is the discipline that encompasses the definition, integration and retrieval of data for both internal applications such as customer relationship management system (CRM) and Enterprise Resource Planning system (ERP) as well as for external communication with all the entities involved in data management for e.g. shareholders, partners, and regulators.

Analytical Services

Analytical Services with ever-increasing competition in the market place, business leaders are realizing that business analytics are critical to remain competitive in their respective market place. Analytical Services

  • Cloudeeva analytics primary focus areas include:
  • Big data analytics
  • Customer/ Marketing analytics
  • Operations research

Performance Services

Optimize your Teradata system through performance and capacity analysis. We can also implement workload management tools and application tuning techniques to improve data warehouse performance.

Managed Services

Satin Solutionss services and offerings are unique based on our extensive experience in the consulting industry we have identified the critical offerings that business executives need and get great value from. Our services operations are designed to deliver these "performance enhancing offerings" in a fashion that is superior to "traditional" consulting services firms via a vast network of seasoned consultants and powerful tools.