Consulting Services

Satin Solutions helps organizations improve their performance, primarily through business process analysis and advising clients on how to use Information Technology to meet their business objectives. From the day Satin Solutions was incorporated, our main business focus has been IT Consulting and Staffing. Over the years Satin Solutions has established processes and guidelines and gone to depths to understand the customer's needs and expectations in order to convert them into feasible solutions.

Satin Solutions Consultants are highly EE&C (Educated, Experienced & Certified) professionals who have a get things done attitude. Our consultants take pride in each and every
client relationship.Satin Solutions consultants take pride in each and every client relationship. Team work across the board is the mantra of success!!!

Why Satin Solutions

Lower Attrition rate
Maintaining a lower attrition rate reduces the cost involved in our recruiting process, training and also reduces the project risks. Key to this is our referral program. We encourage our employees & friends to bring in their close friends and their family members with right skills to work for us. Having lower attrition rate also instills a tremendous amount of confidence our clients have with us.

Customer feedback
We believe that one of the most critical aspects is effort of every consultant's work effort is client satisfaction. At Satin Solutions. customer feedback is used effectively to measure an individual's performance and the specific engagement team's performance.

Industry Experience
Satin Solutions is serving wide range of industries in many verticals. Public Sector, Financial Services, Utility companies, Insurance Services and the Telecommunications Industry are just a few.