Cloud Services


Cloud solutions should be simple. But having it fit into your business strategy and organizational structure can be complex. Satin Solutions provides strategic and technical consulting solutions for your organization to stay ahead of the curve. Our enterprise cloud service consolidates and simplifies cloud services which minimizes IT governance and reduces total costs. Satin Solutions assesses your specific requirements and recommends the appropriate implementation for you. We continually monitor the global cloud marketplace to assess solutions for infrastructure, platform, software and business process with industry best practices and compliance along with regulatory norms in mind.


We help clients solve complex problems for their on-premise, hybrid and outsourced solutions. We offer solutions that are industry-specific in a range of implementation services.


We understand the unforeseen challenges faced by organizations; we are always attempting to gain a competitive edge in the ever changing market. We offer strategic guidance so that your IT goals are in line with the goals of the business as a whole. We offer an end-to-end cloud management service featuring 24-hour support, crisis management, routine maintenance, and unstructured problem solving. Clients can seamlessly integrate cloud services and legacy data center environments to create an integrated managed service. From creating program solutions to setting up governance measures and controls, you can stay focused on broader strategic goals while we take care of the rest.


Cloudsourcing enables organizations to procure their entire IT infrastructure from a cloud, easily integrates with any platform and requires no management overhead. Cloudsourcing is believed to be the future of cloud computing and business as we see it, where organizations of all sizes are rapidly looking to the cloud to meet their IT needs. With more and more business migrating to the Cloud, businesses need to stay ahead of the curve at all times. Fortunately, a new cost-effective way to do this has been created. We support all forms of integration, from assessment to strategy, development, testing and post-delivery management.